2019 / 2020 Ski Season J2Ski Visitor Stats

Ski Season 2019/2020 J2Ski Visitor Statistics

Over SEVEN MILLION Visits in 12 months!

In a challenging year for all of us, J2Ski.com once again served millions of skiers and snowboarders.

According to Google Analytics, our visitor stats for the 12 months to February 2020, with year-on-year growth, were...

Total Sessions (Visits)7,500,000+29%
Total Users (Unique Visitors)4,000,000+35%
Total Page Views12,500,000+20%
Visitors from UK35%
Visitors from USA18%
Visitors from Australia7%
Visitors from Canada4%
Visitors from France3%

Traffic Growth - Sustained and Consistent

Due to the high quality, organic, nature of our traffic we have been able to maintain solid visitor numbers for a decade.

Six Million Visits in Six Months

In the six months to mid-March 2020, J2Ski.com served 6 Million Visitor Sessions (Visits) from 3 Million unique Users.

In the peak months of December, January AND February J2Ski.com served over 1,000,000 - One Million visits each month.

At peak season, one half of our daily traffic was repeat visits (according to Google Analytics).

We all know what happened next... but, despite it all, our traffic to the end of July 2020 is more than 10% up from the previous year. We're not going away any time soon!

Our record for Visits to J2Ski in one day... 73,2824th Jan 2017

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Hitwise Top 10 Award for J2Ski

One of the World's
Most Visited
Ski Sites

(measured by Google, Hitwise and Alexa)

In season, J2Ski.Com receives over One Million Visits per month from more than 500,000 Unique Visitors.

(source: Google Analytics)

Ski Biz Partners Sought!

J2Ski are always seeking Headline Partners.

If you represent a serious winter sports business and would like to work with a serious winter sports web site to raise your online profile, please e-mail us now.

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