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Terms of Acceptance

If you wish to submit a Link for Listing in our Directory and Resort Pages, or if you are considering using one of our paid advertising options, you must read and accept the following conditions.

They are not onerous and are intended only to maintain the quality of our site. Acceptance of any listing submission or advertising request is at our sole discretion.

Web Sites we will accept

We are keen to List and Promote family-friendly Web Sites for any Ski or Snowboard Business or enthusiast organisation genuinely focused on the needs of skiers, snowboarders and other snow riders. That includes specialist ski holiday companies, ski chalet operators, ski schools, equipment manufacturers and so on.

We are happy to also list genuinely useful sources of information for the winter sports enthusiast (technique guides and forums, for example), of sufficient quality. "Sufficient Quality" is determined solely by our (entirely subjective) judgement but original content with fast loading, cleanly designed pages is a good start.

Inclusion in our Directory or on our Resort Pages is at our sole discretion, and we are under no obligation whatsoever to list any submitted site, nor to explain any decision to decline a listing.

Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to hearing from you.