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Accommodation in Australian Ski Resorts

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Australian Chalets

Chalets in Australian Ski Resorts

See more Ski Chalets in ski areas in Australia, including Corin Forest, Dinner Plain and Mount Mawson.

Five Star Chalets in Australia

Luxury 5-star Chalets in Australia, include Avalon Coastal Retreat and the The Blackwood Sassafras.

Avalon Coastal Retreat - Accommodation - Swansea

Avalon Coastal Retreat, Swansea -  See Offers

Accommodation in Swansea

Avge. of 8 reviews

Rms from ₤473

Manderley Park Farmstay B&B - Accommodation - Buln Buln

Manderley Park Farmstay B&B, Buln Buln -  See Offers

Accommodation in Buln Buln

Avge. of 50 reviews

Rms from ₤78

Aquila Nova Resort - Accommodation - Monbulk

Aquila Nova Resort, Monbulk -  See Offers

Accommodation in Monbulk

Avge. of 56 reviews

Rms from ₤213

Blackwood Park Cottages Mole Creek - Accommodation

Blackwood Park Cottages Mole Creek -  See Offers

Accommodation in Mole Creek

Avge. of 220 reviews

Rms from ₤89

House on the Hill Bed and Breakfast - Accommodation - Huonville

House on the Hill Bed and Breakfast, Huonville -  See Offers

Accommodation in Huonville

Avge. of 295 reviews

Majella - Chalet - Dinner Plain

Majella, Dinner Plain -  See Offers

Chalet in Dinner Plain

Avge. of 2 reviews

Rms from ₤736

Tallawarra Homestead - Accommodation - Tonimbuk

Tallawarra Homestead, Tonimbuk -  See Offers

Accommodation in Tonimbuk

Avge. of 61 reviews

Rms from ₤150

Drom Aluinn B&B - Accommodation - Acheron

Drom Aluinn B&B, Acheron -  See Offers

Accommodation in Acheron

Avge. of 153 reviews

Rms from ₤115

Freeman On Ford - Accommodation - Beechworth

Freeman On Ford, Beechworth -  See Offers

Accommodation in Beechworth

Avge. of 231 reviews

Rms from ₤150

Jamala Wildlife Lodge - Accommodation - Canberra

Jamala Wildlife Lodge, Canberra -  See Offers

Accommodation in Canberra

Avge. of 121 reviews

Rms from ₤657

Linden Gardens Rainforest Retreat - Accommodation - Mount Dandenong

Linden Gardens Rainforest Retreat, Mount Dandenong -  See Offers

Accommodation in Mount Dandenong

Avge. of 116 reviews

Rms from ₤167

The Blackwood Sassafras - Accommodation

The Blackwood Sassafras -  See Offers

Accommodation in Sassafras

Avge. of 4 reviews

Rms from ₤182

Four Star Chalets in Australia

Luxury 4-star Chalets in Australia, include The Buckland Studios and the Freycinet Resort.

The Buckland Studios - Accommodation - Porepunkah

The Buckland Studios, Porepunkah -  See Offers

Accommodation in Porepunkah

Avge. of 45 reviews

Rms from ₤210

Abbys Cottages Bright - Accommodation

Abbys Cottages Bright -  See Offers

Accommodation in Bright

Avge. of 93 reviews

Rms from ₤198

Stone's Throw Cottage Bed and Breakfast - Accommodation - Belgrave

Stone's Throw Cottage Bed and Breakfast, Belgrave -  See Offers

Accommodation in Belgrave

Avge. of 35 reviews

Rms from ₤121

Hazelcreek Cottages - Accommodation - Exeter

Hazelcreek Cottages, Exeter -  See Offers

Accommodation in Exeter

Avge. of 76 reviews

Rms from ₤68

The Corinda Collection - Accommodation - Hobart

The Corinda Collection, Hobart -  See Offers

Accommodation in Hobart

Avge. of 345 reviews

Rms from ₤113

Clydesdale Manor - Accommodation - Hobart

Clydesdale Manor, Hobart -  See Offers

Accommodation in Hobart

Avge. of 598 reviews

Rms from ₤82

Observatory Cottages - Accommodation - Mount Dandenong

Observatory Cottages, Mount Dandenong -  See Offers

Accommodation in Mount Dandenong

Avge. of 138 reviews

Rms from ₤135

Arnica Views Summit Retreat - Accommodation - Mount Dandenong

Arnica Views Summit Retreat, Mount Dandenong -  See Offers

Accommodation in Mount Dandenong

Avge. of 321 reviews

Rms from ₤132

Summit Ridge Alpine Lodge - Accommodation - Falls Creek

Summit Ridge Alpine Lodge, Falls Creek -  See Offers

Accommodation in Falls Creek

Avge. of 80 reviews

Rms from ₤113

Freycinet Resort - Accommodation - Coles Bay

Freycinet Resort, Coles Bay -  See Offers

Accommodation in Coles Bay

Avge. of 602 reviews

Rms from ₤189

Club Wyndham Dinner Plain, Trademark Collection by Wyndham - Accommodation - Dinner Plain

Club Wyndham Dinner Plain, Trademark Collection by Wyndham -  See Offers

Accommodation in Dinner Plain

8.3Very Good
Avge. of 85 reviews

Rms from ₤115

Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge - Accommodation - Cradle Mountain

Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge -  See Offers

Accommodation in Cradle Mountain

8.2Very Good
Avge. of 2748 reviews

Rms from ₤210

Great Value Chalets in Australia

Recommended Chalets in Australia.

Green Gables B&B - Accommodation - Cygnet

Green Gables B&B, Cygnet -  See Offers

Accommodation in Cygnet

Green Gables B&B 'Anne loves Paris' If you love Paris too then come and stay a while in this spacious One bedroom apartment decorated with a French Twist and views of Cygnet Bay and our wonderful bird filled gardens.
Read more 

Free Parking * Free Wifi

Avge. of 62 reviews

  •  Great Rates
  •  Online Booking
  •  Low or No Cancellation Fees

Chalets in regions of Australia